Hey all!

We’re a group of artists sharing our talents with each other and the world. We each have a day to update from Monday to Friday.

The crew:

Noah Browman (Monday) : I am a very lazy person. When I think of something good to write I’ll put it here. For now just know I am lazy.

Zachary Cartman (Tuesday) : Gentleman; scholar; endocrinologist. Many have tried to sum up Zachary Cartman with a word. All have failed. In truth, he is many things. A geek; an artist; male. A lover of lists. Also, he’s a student of Illustration at Sheridan College. He enjoys drawing the figure, and wants to develop his skills with pen and ink. Excited by the prospect of furthering his understanding of the field and of discovering his own style, he’ll be diving into his studies after a year away from school. Expect to see a lot of figure drawing this semester, and prepare to witness his growth as he learns how to paint for realsies.

Owen Gregory (Wednesday): is a pretty easy going guy. Enjoys and is influenced by all manner of media. While his strengths lie in illustration, and pure animal magnetism, he has a yearning to expand his knowledge base in cooking, color theory and typography. Should you want or need to contact him, feel free: ogregory@live.ca

Caity Hall (Thursday) : is currently studying in film animation and is a huge fan of cartoons, surrealism and cats. Hopefully you will see plenty of all three on her blog updates. Open to commissions, feedback and requests so feel free to drop a line at : caitlinhall@live.ca or in the comments section!

Jacqueline Di Bartolomeo (Girl Friday): is a Montreal student journalist, economist-in-training and full-fledged workaholic. (Needless to say, she doesn’t sleep much.) Friday readers will follow her progress as she attempts to document life in Montreal and the people who inhabit it, through the written word and her fledgling efforts at photojournalism.  She tweets at @jacquelinedib.




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