Caity and the Skeleton

This week’s been all about the skeleton:

These were drawn from a skeleton cast in class. According to the small brow, we’ve established that it’s probably a female. The bones aren’t too scratched or cracked, and all the teeth are there ( well almost all, apparently one got knocked out during the years)  so it’d be a young female.


A bit too long. The mid-way point is supposed to be a crotch…so I guess I drew a model 😛



Totes realistic.



This is a cast of Nero’s head.



She’s from a comic I’ve recently been into: Amercian Vampire’s Pearl Jones.  Reaaally reallyreally good.


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I’ve got 2 big tests this week one of them being tomorrow. Will be studying all day. Will definitely post next week!

Sorry again

Upcoming projects, navel-gazing and cocooning

I have spent a good chunk of time this week doing things as opposed to writing about things. A lot of this is in preparation of upcoming work. I have recently started blogging for the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal – I published my first post last week about women and careers.

I’m also doing some work this month for Marianopolis’ alumni mag, so I had the opportunity to hear Stephen Bronfman speak at the CEGEP on Thursday. That issue will only be out in November or December, so I guess that’s some delayed gratification for you right there.

Speaking of delayed gratification, I was pleased to take part in the recording of the first Red Couch Chats podcast on Wednesday. The idea for the podcast comes from three communications students at Concordia. For those who don’t hang out on the Loyola campus, the basement of the CJ building is a regular haunt for j-schoolers and coms students. It’s furnished with 10 red couches or so, varying from the loner-favourite one-seaters to wider two-pillow sofas. These three coms students spent so much time hanging out on the couches talking about life, they eventually decided they should record their conversations.

You could say the first episode’s overarching theme is death, but we talk about everything from what we would do if we knew our cause and time of death, to the death penalty, the meaning of YOLO, the criminal justice system and immortality. The producers want to have a few episodes in store before starting to release them, so in the meantime I encourage you to like the Facebook page to stay abreast of Red Couch news. I can say, with little exaggeration, that the hour spent in the recording studios on Wednesday night resulted in some of the most interesting conversation I have engaged in a long while.

In between my goings-about for school, writing work, and other activities, I have slowly been building my winter cocoon up for myself. This is especially true right now, on a stormy Friday night where I am literally snuggled into my bed with David’s Tea Peppermint Amour, laptop, books and magazines. (On the cover of Vanity Fair, Daniel Craig gazes seductively at me from his spot on my nightstand.)

(Side note: this kind of weather creates exactly the sort of mood that makes me want to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, a stellar novel from Susanna Clarke about magic in 19th century England. Even though it doesn’t fall in the steampunk genre, it does have a similar feel to it. It’s also on my list of all-time classics from my personal library. I highly recommend it and will be pleased to lend the paperback to anyone who is interested in reading)

Over the past seven months, I have been progressively putting a new routine for myself into place that is a lot less fast-paced than in last year. I have found it is easy to burn out when overburdened with engagements. It is hard to take time to enjoy with friends, or in one’s own company, when one is a zombie.

He’s a terrible conversationalist. Photo credit

And so my ratio of time spent going out (in a bars-n-clubs kinda a way, not a Jackie-is-a-recluse kind of way) versus time spent at home, with my family, working or immersed in reading is deeply skewed towards the latter. That trend will probably persist in the near future;. I am more likely to be in a hot chocolate and warm fire kind of mood when the weather outside is frightful.


I’m on the lookout of breaking news/general news/feature photos/portrait photo ideas in the next two weeks, so if you have any friends who are visually interesting (or do visually interesting work) or know of any events coming up, give me a head’s up.


This is an incredible story: an Indian boy gets lost and separated from his family after falling asleep on a train, only to find them years later using Google Earth : A Home at the End of Google Earth | David Kushner | Vanity Fair

I have the feeling that all you comic-savvy folks already know of Stuart McMillen’s existence. I recently discovered his comic strip about the War on Drugs. Not only is it a highly intelligent analysis of American drug policy, but the fact that it is not a wall-of-text article actually means that people might read it instead of being turned off the topic right away.

– Girl Friday

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Caity…Draws Trees! …and Boobies.

I am really excited to be back at nude drawing sessions. They’ve been closed recently because of the tuition fee strike, but they are back and better than ever! I had a class this week on design and part of our homework was to come up with ten different tree designs.


here’s a clip from the 1947 movie, Out of the Past that I watched this week. The dialogue was so smooth in old movies, I miss that.

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Owen Update 006

Hey guys. Not a huge post this week on account of a mixture of being both ill and preoccupied by thoughts of D&D. For those not in the know, I’m a fiend for Dungeons and Dragons, but sadly organizing a group of 5 or 6 independent consciousnesses to get together is easier said than done, so I rarely have the opportunity to indulge. However in the next couple weeks I’ll be DMing an adventure for my friends and my ideas for it have been buzzing in my head nonstop for the past couple days. I’m super psyched and I may even post little updates here if anything of note happens.

The takeaway point is that I’m a geek. Sort of the long and short of it.

So, my doodling definitely dwindled this week (alliterations are awesome).

But I did have enough energy in me to throw together this little guy. I tried to capture what sitting down to draw can be like sometimes. Looking at a blank canvas can be the worst feeling ever if you’re not feeling creative, it’s absolutely paralyzing.

And finally, here are some more study/work tunes to help you all get through midterms.

Boards of Canada – Music has the Right to the Children

Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor (just one song but you should absolutely check out the full album ‘Loop Finding Jazz Records’ wherever you can find it, this is the music of productivity)

Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back (a sweet cover)

Cats, ROUND 2

I’m afraid that I forgot to post earlier this week. Well, I’m working on final projects and whatnot before I leave for Montreal. Here’s what I’ve been up to tonight. That character design project is due Friday, and these are the finished designs of Aggressive Cat and Peaceful Cat.

A short lazy post for you guys!

I still have no idea what to write about for this block. It’s kind of like a writer’s block that comes from being lazy to a frightening amount. That being said I feel that the human body isn’t something I’ve given a lot of attention to.

I started a massage therapy course in September. The course has been focusing a lot on the human body as it’s important to know the structure, anatomy, physiology etc. Anatomy is probably the coolest thing I have learnt so far. Seeing how everything connects together is fascinating.

Even cooler than that is even after less than 2 months of practical I have begun to see and learn landmarks of the bones and muscles while massaging. Sounds kind of silly I guess but I didn’t think we’d need to learn to much anatomy for massage. Mainly the muscles, turns out I was wrong and I now understand why (YAY)!

Fun fact to end the blog, humans have many vocal chords but only 2 of them actually are used to make sound! Have a lovely week, sorry for the short post. Apparently I’m still suffering from laziness.

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK:Make outline post first bit of writing on a short story