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Caity Hall’s rework post

I’m reworking an illustration request from a friend. Here’s how it looks now:




Owen Update 005

So, I didn’t get a ton of my own sketching done this week as I was doing some work for Le MOOD. It’s a Jewish cultural learning day here in Montreal and I got to help them with a bit of graphic design work.

What I do have for you guys this week are some figure drawings I did a while ago, but never got around to posting them anywhere. And the beginnings of a self-portrait I started this week.

Some dubstep dance music.

A nice album for those with mid-terms that require studying.

Something heavier.



Owen Update 004

Alright blog. So this past week I finished and submitted my minecraft t-shirt design, which you can see (and vote for) here. I had a blast working on it and I’m including for you lucky people a high-res version of the design.

I played something along the lines of 22 hours of magic the gathering this weekend (shush, I’m cool).

And finally got together with a friend of mine and painted for a couple hours. He was painting the different chakra, while I painted him painting the different chakra.

Things I’m into this week:

Flight of the Conchords

Zelda music (with a cute boy)

Also this, this a lot



Still Life Exercises.

Now, typically I’m not one to exercise (a bad habit, I know), but this week I’ve been committed to doing quick ~1hr30 exercises in photoshop. These still lives are based off the techniques and exercises we’ve been doing in my painting class. I’ve been too lazy to get out the paints (it’s such a hassle!) but I figure the skills I’m practicing here should cross over just fine, and vice versa. I’ve also taken to streaming some drawing and painting over at

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Owen Update 003

So this past week has had me mostly focusing on this threadless challenge. Here’s where I’m at:

And I’ve got two songs for you this week and one 10 minute radio bit.

Song 1.

Song 2.

Radio bit.


A lovely class

“I’m going to read to you from this book, and you draw whatever comes to mind.” That’s how we spent the first hour of my Conceptual Process class on Monday. She read a passage from a book about dreams and symbolism. It was about 3 archetypal symbols: The stone, the animal, and the circle. Interesting stuff. Here’s some of what I drew:

Owen Update 002

Some of you may know that I recently got a new computer, which has been great. The only issue being: transferring over all my old programs over to the new beast, and I hadn’t taken the time to completely do so, until this week!
So I’ve got some doodles fresh off the line for your eyes only. The first is a little doodle for a bigger project (tease-tease-tease). And the second is a drawing of Finn from adventure time, because I love adventure time so god-damned much. It’s a work in progress, I can’t quite decide what he should be fighting, feel free to suggest something n the comments (I’m leaning towards robots).

Also, some stuff I’m listening to this week.



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