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Caity draws more kitties!

Hey dudies! (heh, dudie). Sorry I’m a little late. I’ve been up to a lot of essay-writing and exam-studying lately, so I lost track. I am going to be working on a new movie soon, hopefully, so I am very excited for that. Here’s some rough sketches of the characters. It’s going to be about two…cats! Who would have thought? They will get up to exciting yarn games and such.


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Caity and the Skeleton

This week’s been all about the skeleton:

These were drawn from a skeleton cast in class. According to the small brow, we’ve established that it’s probably a female. The bones aren’t too scratched or cracked, and all the teeth are there ( well almost all, apparently one got knocked out during the years)  so it’d be a young female.


A bit too long. The mid-way point is supposed to be a crotch…so I guess I drew a model 😛



Totes realistic.



This is a cast of Nero’s head.



She’s from a comic I’ve recently been into: Amercian Vampire’s Pearl Jones.  Reaaally reallyreally good.


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Caity…Draws Trees! …and Boobies.

I am really excited to be back at nude drawing sessions. They’ve been closed recently because of the tuition fee strike, but they are back and better than ever! I had a class this week on design and part of our homework was to come up with ten different tree designs.


here’s a clip from the 1947 movie, Out of the Past that I watched this week. The dialogue was so smooth in old movies, I miss that.

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Owen Update 006

Hey guys. Not a huge post this week on account of a mixture of being both ill and preoccupied by thoughts of D&D. For those not in the know, I’m a fiend for Dungeons and Dragons, but sadly organizing a group of 5 or 6 independent consciousnesses to get together is easier said than done, so I rarely have the opportunity to indulge. However in the next couple weeks I’ll be DMing an adventure for my friends and my ideas for it have been buzzing in my head nonstop for the past couple days. I’m super psyched and I may even post little updates here if anything of note happens.

The takeaway point is that I’m a geek. Sort of the long and short of it.

So, my doodling definitely dwindled this week (alliterations are awesome).

But I did have enough energy in me to throw together this little guy. I tried to capture what sitting down to draw can be like sometimes. Looking at a blank canvas can be the worst feeling ever if you’re not feeling creative, it’s absolutely paralyzing.

And finally, here are some more study/work tunes to help you all get through midterms.

Boards of Canada – Music has the Right to the Children

Jan Jelinek – Do Dekor (just one song but you should absolutely check out the full album ‘Loop Finding Jazz Records’ wherever you can find it, this is the music of productivity)

Lake Street Dive – I Want You Back (a sweet cover)

Caity goes sight-seeing!

This week I had to draw silhouettes of buildings, so I traipsed about Montreal til it started to rain, then resorted to the trusty Google images.  All these buildings are in Montreal and I gotta say, we have some pretty nice old school architecture.





Also, for your benefit, a man scratching a wedgie:

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Owen Update 005

So, I didn’t get a ton of my own sketching done this week as I was doing some work for Le MOOD. It’s a Jewish cultural learning day here in Montreal and I got to help them with a bit of graphic design work.

What I do have for you guys this week are some figure drawings I did a while ago, but never got around to posting them anywhere. And the beginnings of a self-portrait I started this week.

Some dubstep dance music.

A nice album for those with mid-terms that require studying.

Something heavier.



Caity…goes sight seeing

This week, my drawing class has been very centered around perspective and architecture, which is awesome cause I rarely draw buildings so I’ve been super motivated to practice.


This is a pan in a 4-way intersection. The perspective is supposed to mess people up a bit, which is why most artists use tricks and things to make it less….warpy. I decided to do it the accurate way for now. Or at least as accurate as I could manage. This is near my school!

This is some 5 point perspective practice. I’m a big fan of curves 😉

In class we had to design a university campus. The four major buildings are, from L to R, Science, Law, Library and Arts. Obviously the coffee shop is the center point 🙂

Sketch of Burritoville, a vege burrito joint. Quite tasty!

Back to what I enjoy best. I needed a break from the buildings.


PS: Since Owen posts music and Jackie posts reads, I figure, as the film student, it’s my duty to introduce some inspirational clips.

Here’s what I’ve been watching this week