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Caity is now on tumblr!

Hey dudes. This post is purely selfish advertising for my new tumblr.

I DID however post some art there, so feel free to check it out.

Otherwise, I watched an intense movie called Elephant in class this week. It was about a school shooting, but done with some experimental filming.

It was well done, and definitely an interesting style, though a teensy bit traumatizing, so I wouldn’t recommend it for the faint of heart.

That’s all for me! Keep on kicking, folks!

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Owen Update 007

Here it is folks, the hotly anticipated 7th, Owen-themed update.

And it sucks.

Mostly because I’ve done zero creative things in the past couple weeks.

Actually it’s entirely because of that.

So this’ll just have to be an actual update on what I have been doing the past little while.

I got a job, working for a family friend, who is a contractor. I actually worked for him for about two months this summer and really enjoyed it. I started tuesday and, boy, I had completely forgotten how a full day of manual labour will just kick your ass. I’m not complaining, I was demolished after that first day, which is an inverse of what I’d signed up for </dumbjoke>. But seriously, I fell asleep at 8 on Tuesday.

I was thinking about getting paid today, which led to me thinking about self-worth, where I decided that a day with me was probably not worth 80$. I have the same problem when doing any illustration work and the time comes to give my client a price, I always feel like I’m charging too much. Maybe I’m just not the best judge of what my time is worth. I probably wouldn’t make a good prostitute.

I also just finished reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so if anyone wanted to talk about that I’m in.

That’s all from me this week guys. Hope you all had an incredible Hallowe’en!

Nico Vega – Beast

Tettix – Earth’s Assault on The Central AI

A ‘cool’ 40 minute talk about the Golden Age of board games that going on right now

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