A short lazy post for you guys!

I still have no idea what to write about for this block. It’s kind of like a writer’s block that comes from being lazy to a frightening amount. That being said I feel that the human body isn’t something I’ve given a lot of attention to.

I started a massage therapy course in September. The course has been focusing a lot on the human body as it’s important to know the structure, anatomy, physiology etc. Anatomy is probably the coolest thing I have learnt so far. Seeing how everything connects together is fascinating.

Even cooler than that is even after less than 2 months of practical I have begun to see and learn landmarks of the bones and muscles while massaging. Sounds kind of silly I guess but I didn’t think we’d need to learn to much anatomy for massage. Mainly the muscles, turns out I was wrong and I now understand why (YAY)!

Fun fact to end the blog, humans have many vocal chords but only 2 of them actually are used to make sound! Have a lovely week, sorry for the short post. Apparently I’m still suffering from laziness.

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK:Make outline post first bit of writing on a short story


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