Dark side!? Nahhh

Sooo I’m feeling really lazy this week and didn’t do any writing. So I dig up old writing for you guys. WARNING!! It is very dark and disturbing. At least that’s how I feel. I do hope you enjoy it though. It’s a different kind of writing than I’ve posted previously. Anyways, enjoy it and hope your weeks start off well! Noah P.S. I didn’t reread it to edit it..soo forgive any mistakes please 🙂

Blood oozes from the limp body. The carcass is stuck to the wall by a sword. The crimson flow slowly makes its way out of the body. Then it flows onto the wall and proceeds to trickle in droplets down to the tile floor. The body sags over the sword. The head overshooting it; the hilt hits the body’s throat. A small sharp blade pops out from the hilt creating a gash in the throat. More blood spills from the body. This time from the throat in ruby red gushes for the first few seconds. Following into a slow trickle and then disappearing to nothing. The significant loss of blood before-hand lead to the stemmed blood flow. The arms are hanging lifeless after this event with a missing finger. Down the hall some ways away is a frame where a mirror once stood. It has been removed from its place and is nowhere to be found. Outside of the building is a park of sorts. A tree stands in the middle of the lawn. Cement pathway surrounding it and branching off to the left and right.

Barely visible by moonlight is a figure crouched near the tree. He hums to himself in a very sadistic, low, yet happy tone. He rocks to and fro in a fast steady motion. He uses the balls of his feet as a steady anchor, never leaving the ground. Black hair hangs down over his face. Large crazy blue eyes staring intently at the ring on the bloody finger he holds. The blood is now dry and the figure lets out a small screech as he turns the finger over and over again in his hands. Smile slowly growing over his face. He slowly moves his pointer finger up and down the finger. He uses extraordinary caution as to not dislodge the ring. He quickly draws back his finger. It got pricked by a tiny portion of protruding bone. His large crazy eyes never change as he stares at the tip of his appendage. His head moves to the left and right in a circular motion. The creepy smile reappears as though it had never disappeared. As he stops rocking back and forth blood begins to slowly drip down his injured digit.

After examining his bloody finger for sometime he pulls his gaze from it to the moon above him; as though the moon was calling his name. Without warning the figure shoves his finger in his mouth and sucks on it with a twinkle in his eye, as he stares up at the moon. After a fair amount of sucking he pulls it out of his mouth with a loud pop, resuming the rocking motion. Afterwards he turns his crazy gaze back to his pricked finger. He twists his injured finger around in a circle and realizes that it isn’t bleeding anymore. A sad look comes across his face. Only for a moment as it changes to an expression of ecstatic glee. This takes on the form of a crazed smile. He moves the broken, twisted finger close to his mouth and starts to slowly lick the blood off the tip of it. His look changes to one of curiosity as he shoves the object of interest into his mouth, back end sticking out of his mouth. Once this is done he begins to move his tongue across the parts of the member inside his mouth. After having cleaned it of blood he carefully removes it from his mouth. Preceding to licks his lips in a circle. He stares at the ring on the finger and pulls it off. Then licks the inside of the ring incase it’d be bloody. He effortlessly slips the ring onto his finger, sliding easily on the already slick surface.

He now centers his attention on the mangled finger, inspecting it incoherent thoughts. After a few minutes of silence he reaches a hand to the back of his belt. Procuring an exact-o knife which possesses a freshly sharpened blade. He approaches the finger as one would to peel an apple, skin first to expose the flesh. He removes the skin from the top portion of the finger. He lets the skin fall off, without interest and chews the exposed flesh to the bone. Removing it once he finished sucking on it with a pop. He then carefully puts back the exact-o knife. He stands up, looks down at the finger and stops to think. He then puts it in one of his pant pockets for later consumption. Looking for the skin which he cut off earlier he crouches down and scans the ground. As he finds it he picks it up and stands up with it directly in front of his face. Without a second of thought he lashes out with his tongue and brings in the piece of skin to his mouth. As he chews on the salty outer portion of a man’s saliva drenched finger he turns around and walks away. Smile on his face and a feeling of satisfaction in his belly.

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One thought on “Dark side!? Nahhh

  1. I’d be curious to hear your self-critique on this since you wrote it a few years ago.

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