Stress and Videogames!

Stress, we’ve all experienced this multi-headed demon of a feeling. It can come and go; but most of the time I feel like it rears its ugly self more frequently than I would like. Stress in videogames is something I have always hated! I’m a competitive person by nature. When I want to do something I give it my all, none of this half-ass bullshit! This being the case I often found myself not enjoying the game I was playing.

Solving the issue was fairly simple in WoW (World of Warcraft). Stop PvPing (Person vs Person) and focus on the PvE (Person vs Environment) aspect of the game. Less competition and less stress, allowed me to really further my enjoyment of the game. Starcraft II came out and I barely played any games. Maybe 100-150 1v1’s and around 300 team games. I found the team games less stressful on me and so played more of them as a result. Even with my current game of choice LoL (League of Legends) I was nervous and stressed to play those main carry roles. I would always want to play support. If we ended up losing it was almost never because of me and it kept my stress low. When the ability to play games against computers came out I moved exclusively to this game mode.

It is important to note that I was always lying to myself about why I was playing against computers or why I wouldn’t want to play more Starcraft II. I would always say I’m practicing a certain champion or strategy and I’m not ready to move on against real people yet. It was really all about stress but I wouldn’t let myself realize this for reasons I believe were, a lack of strength to admit it and pride.

Eventually I came to the realization that it was stress that was stopping me from wanting to play these games. Once I realized this I decided to alter my gaming view to try and make it more fun and easier to game. In Starcraft II I stopped playing my main race of Zerg and instead moved to random full time. In doing this I released a lot of the stress on myself and laddered quite a bit (compared to my previous self) before moving on to LoL. LoL took quite a bit of time for me to adjust. I now only play normals and am working on playing some ranked.

All of this to say once I figured out that it was stress holding me back it was quite simple to change it. I urge other stress gamers to do just a little bit of thinking and I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome your barriers!

If you want to try LoL here’s a link. Add my summoner name THC Tullidd

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One thought on “Stress and Videogames!

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    Stress makes it so you can’t play your best. 😦

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