Apple-picking, spiders and non-believers

This post is as all over the place as my week has been – in a good way, of course! I had a few very willing (and some less-than-willing) subjects to practice my photography when the family went apple-picking in Rougemont on Saturday.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The spider was nice enough to pose while I stuck my camera in its little, furry face. Judging from its six legs, I think this arachnid has been in its share of battles.

Since Owen has made it a habit of posting his jams of the week, here are my reads of the week, both from the New Yorker:

“The Satanic Verses,” the Fatwa, and a Life Changed | Salman Rushdie

The Apostate: Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology | Lawrence Wright

Have a great weekend, folks!

– Girl Friday


One thought on “Apple-picking, spiders and non-believers

  1. Caity says:

    I love your photos! especially the couples shots ❤ you guys are a photogenic bunch! 😀

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