Work in progress!!

So I’ve had this story idea kicking around for quite some time now. I’ve never actually gone very in depth with it. Here’s one of the outlines I have been working on and off for the past 2 weeks or so. When I say on and off I mean a few minutes here and a few minutes there. It’s also not that organized, so please try to bear with me 🙂 ALSO don’t expect anything special and it’s my first post…things may not be as they should. Noah 🙂

Gremlik outline

-The race of Gremlik is dead

-They were vanquished in the most recent war. This war encompassed all of the races of the planet (Humans, Gremliks, Dwarves, Elves…) The battles all took part on the human continent as the humans were the ones who faced the brunt of the attack and punishment.


-They were the first main race to inhabit the planet. They populated mostly above ground and dabbled in the caves surrounding their civilization.

-Dwarves discovered lots of cool things underground, jewels among other riches of the earth

-Many dwarves took such a liking to the underground that they decided to simply live underground. These dwarves then became called underdwellers but the proper term was still Dwarves.

-Dwarves and (name) lived very closely linked. Trading often and maintaining a peace. It was deemed important on both accounts to remember their linked origins. Despite the desire to remain closely linked you have those who hate the underdwellers and only want to deal with those who live above ground.

-The dwarves were the first of the land to encounter the humans. The dwarves welcomed them with open arms and gave them land to settle to the south west if they desired.


-They settled and populated the southern part of the continent the most.

-Humans are a very weak and dead race at this point in time. The last war against the gremlik severely reduced their numbers and efficiency


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